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This is Not A Hippie Bag

 One day a lovely friend of mine walked in carrying an incredibly beautiful piece of work, a handbag with such beautiful fabric and detail that I had to ask her where in the world she found this, from a designer in LA she said, you have to look at her collection you won’t know which one to pick. Am not a big handbag person, but am into craftsmanship and unique pieces that have a story.

Fast as flash I looked her up, Simone Harouche a wardrobe stylist had been over the years collecting 19th  dowry textiles, to antique tribal costumes, wall hangings, beading, coins, Afghan bridal jewellery and more from countries such as Nepal, India, Morocco, Peru, Pakistan and Egypt.  With such a exquisite collection she was inspired to create for herself a handbag made out of some of these findings, the bag was so eye catching that a friend saw it and commissioned one for herself and from there the orders started to come in, thus the line Simone Camille was born. 

All the bags are handmade and unique so you will not see anyone wearing the exact same one as you they come in different shapes and sizes, I always stopped when I wear mine, these are not your average Hippie Market bag, more like luxury Bohemian.

Have a look at the Website on where to buy and a huge array of choices, perfect for the summer,

I Just love xo

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